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Thinking out of the box and bringing out new innovations is the key to stand out from the crowd in today's digital world. Whereas, serving with all the diligence and earnestness is what a service provider should aim at. We work as a remote design team to provide the perfect designing solutions to our clients with the best of our professional expertise. We work as an organised cluster of large and mid-sized companies that collaborate with the designing team to deliver the best possible solutions for web and e-commerce agencies.


Founded by the man himself, Harminder Singh in September 2009, UIUX STUDIO has come a long way since then. With the constant support of professional technicians and designers that we have in our team, we provide custom and best web outsourcing services. Our extensive range of services is not just for regular clients but also for various companies and startups who are looking for a perfect platform to join hands with!

What are the various services that we have for you?

When it is not easy to reach to a specific conclusion that convinces you to go with what is actually required, it becomes our utmost responsibility to make you aware of all the services that we have to offer you!

With an aim to gather information from users with various qualitative and quantitative methods, we excel in UX research. So, the primary focus is on the systematic approach to gather and interpret collected data. Of course, providing UI UX Design Services is a sensible responsibility that we understand should be done with sincerity. That is why we have employed the best variety of techniques, tools and methodologies to arrive at various conclusions and then determine the facts to uncover the problems. It is equally important to reveal all the valuable information which can be fed while the design process is being carried out.

With an aim to manipulate the user behaviour, it is obvious to improve the interaction level with the product and its related usefulness. We aim at creating products that provide all the meaningful and relevant experiences to the particular user and involve the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, for the best of usability and function. Thus, it is important to provide a great user experience with products that are efficient and effective.

Creating and designing a user interface that is compatible with the level of interaction required with the user. It should be attractive and presentable enough for potential users and bifunctional keeping in mind the requirements of the user. Believe in developing a user interface design that increases the usability and user experience of the application you desire to work on. We believe in developing a simple user interface designs that can be easily adapted to target users who are looking for a perfectly compatible network.

We have a wide range of interaction designs that is user-engaging and an interactive digital product, services and environment that can perfectly go with your requirements. Our focus goes beyond the behaviour that people adopt while interacting with non-digital products.

It involves real-time users that design for easy usage and user-friendliness for a website. We can easily evaluate the product by regular testings. The perfect scrutiny of user's needs limitations and contexts involve a wide variety of digital production services that we excel in. The deal can prove to be totally worth it!

We also provide UI UX Audit and Consultancy services if you are looking for it. We inspect your products interface and its related usability issues and areas for better improvement. We can analyse the overall performance of your website or application as per the best practices and user interface principles to make the actions actionable. Our specially designed independent position allows proper evaluation of how your design works from different perspectives.

We are a pioneer in front end development services for website and mobile application development service. Being a team of proficient and knowledgeable developers, we can cater to a wide variety of software development and user interface development requirements for your business. While working with us, you can get the most comparative and well built front end development services for an utterly compelling user-friendly interface based on the latest and advanced industry trends!

For all the above-mentioned services you are looking for, reach out to us to Hire UI/UX Designer as per your requirements. We have a well experienced and qualified team of UI and UX auditors and consultants along with the respective designers to take your website to the next level!

What are the various stages of UI/UX design that we follow?

At UIUX Studio, we believe that a particular design is not finished until somebody is not using it. So, in order to make it suitable for your website performance, it is important to modulate it accordingly. This is what we hold our major specialisation in! We aim at building your product with a team that knows how to establish a transparent designing process that can perfectly match with the requirements and deadlines. The result should be delivered on the spot so as to easily turn any drowning performance into a perfectly carried one!

Our professional designer team will help you with building an engaging product quickly and way too easily!

There is a whole and a proper UI UX Design Process that we follow religiously to deliver the best of our services.

So now, for a proper understanding, let us have a look at various stages to have an insight of how purposefully it gets done with us!

The very first stage of designing characters with the discovery of various appropriate steps and analysis studies that can bring the most valuable output. This is mainly concerned with, especially enabled in-depth research that helps you discover various insights to make the most promising design architecture that can deliver the best possible performances. It also revolves around a constructive requirement analysis which is mainly concerned with gathering all the details of what, how and where a profound and practical based should be created for good user experience!

While working out with visualisation processes, it is important to inspect each and every possibility of a design to be feasible enough to facilitate a proper interaction. We always make sure that the designs and interactive approaches that we bring into use should cater to your needs and actually work in real-time requirements!

There is a very simple logic behind this feasibility study which revolves around the risk of visualisation not being appropriately appealing. This may lead to low performance which is not at all desirable!

To facilitate engaging content and appealing visual design, heavy wireframing is required. We gather all the following concepts from the finalize visual designs and interactions to create a design that can bring the maximum level of efficiency and user satisfaction.

After successfully completing all the tasks, we reach the final stage of product creation to ensure an appealing visual interface with convenience for usability. This whole dynamic process facilitates a clear and proper understanding of how to create a deserving visual interface!


When it comes to professional affairs, reliability is one of the major contributors to a healthy and prosperous relationship. To create that healthy space, it is your absolute right to be aware of all the solid reasons why you should approach us. We have years of experience in the field of designing that we keep extending the capability of our potential as a design team.


For us, our success is not measured by what finances we make through our business birthday customer satisfaction and lovely success stories that stand for our worth time and again!

Quality speaks for itself, but it's the potential that takes all the efforts a notch above. For an excellent working experience with the best UX Design Services together, do not hesitate to reach out to us as we are here eagerly waiting for your response!

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