About RepSpark & Challenges

RepSpark is a Los Angeles based B2B agency that helps businesses use virtual showrooms and digital catalogs to remotely sell their products.  It lets clients create a 360 degree product experience that improves sales and conversion rates. They are on a mission to simplify the shopping experience for the end user and overcome the hurdles online brands when compared against physical retail. The company is focused on creating an interactive shopping experience for the end users and provide

comprehensive product walkthroughs. When we took over the project the UX and UI for their web application was in bad shape and the client had received adverse feedback from their users. It was faring poorly against the competition although they had a great product to sell. They experienced a high bounce rate given the app’s shortcomings on ease of use. The client was experiencing low conversion rates especially on mobile platforms as the web application wasn’t mobile responsive at that time.


What We Did?

For a successful B2B company, client collaboration is of prime importance.

That’s what we focussed on this project and our aim was to improve the UX and UI and bring down negative feedback for the platform. We prepared a roadmap in collaboration with the client to achieve the intended goals and carried out the following tasks on the project -

  • ⦁ Redesigning the web application
  • ⦁ Creating UX /UI of the app from scratch
  • ⦁ Mobile responsive app design
  • ⦁ Creating unique pages for the app
  • ⦁ Branding with unique designs
  • ⦁ Shopping cart development

Typography & Colours

typography & colours

Montserrat, Josefin Sans

Poppins, Raleway

"When it comes to building a memorable brand, consistency is everything. We build upon the work you’ve done by choosing colors, fonts, and a graphic style for your brand."















Once the changes had been implemented to the web application, the negative reviews fell sharply and the client received appreciation from its existing B2B partners.

We were also able to significantly improve user experience both on web and mobile platforms which was reflected in the sharp fall in the bounce rate. Our custom-built shopping cart improved the conversion rate for the client and it continues to add to their revenue.

User Interface

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