About Rentorr & Challenges

Technology has made it easy for people to offer their properties on rent, and rent seekers to find their dream property. That’s the exact space where Rentorr does its business by bridging the gap between owners and renters. The company is redefining the face of the landlord and tenant relationship in South Africa. Their online platform connects the needs of both parties in one place – streamlining the entire process from start to finish. Happy tenants ensure timely paid landlords, so everyone wins. The challenge here was to develop the platform from scratch

and create a unique UI and offer the best experience to the users. Client’s brief here was to create a clean and minimalistic UI that eases renting for both the parties. We had to localize the platform for the South African audience and tailor it to meet the requirements of the local community. Since there were few such platforms we had to constantly wear our creative hat and create unique features and solutions. From design and user experience to payments and documentation it required modules that were meant for the local market.

AMELIO product design by UI Freelance Designer


What We Did?

It was one of a kind project for us that required us to constantly communicate with the team at Rentorr to have a proper understanding of their requirements.

We worked on the whole project from scratch and this included developing the website and the application. The idea evolved over time and we conquered multiple challenges. On the technical side of it the project involved –

  • ⦁ Creating the UX /UI of the site from scratch
  • ⦁ Designing and optimizing 300+ unique pages
  • ⦁ Developing market listing platform
  • ⦁ Application development
  • ⦁ Unique Branding and Typography
  • ⦁ Creating rent collection module
  • ⦁ Building maintenance request modules with ability to hire contractors
  • ⦁ Building module for screening tenants
  • ⦁ Integration of secured and encrypted payment gateway
  • ⦁ Ability to generate Rentability Reports
  • ⦁ Tenant rent management module creation

Typography & Colours

typography & colours


"When it comes to building a memorable brand, consistency is everything. We build upon the work you’ve done by choosing colors, fonts, and a graphic style for your brand."



Cornflower Blue




Pickled Bluewood




Athens Gray






The final outcome was a product that met the expectations of the clients and offering property renting and management features at fingertips.

It paved the way for a great launch in the market for our clients. From listing properties to sending rental application and managing property rentals remotely, we solved several barriers with out-of-box solutions. The site is high on User Experience and offers all accessibility features owners and renters on a single dashboard.

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