About Belvedere & Challenges

Belvedere Technologies is a premier technology form. Their main product is software as a service (SaaS) mobile/desktop, cloud-based business management and booking solution for the professional beauty, grooming and care service industry. The software brings together business management software, including customer relationship management and client profiles, booth rental management, employee management, inventory management, multi-location, point of sale transactions, branding, micro learning and more.

This was a challenging project because of its sheer scale. The client wanted an app that would offer one-stop access to all the tools and features to their customers and also increase their reach in the market. Our task here was to design the application from scratch. The fact that this application needed to have different set of profile screens for Customers, Renters along with Booth Rental Management, Customer Scheduling, Multi Location Support among others added to the challenge.


What We Did?

We went to the drawing board to design the mobile application from scratch. The client had clearly defined a roadmap for Must Have, Should Have and Nice to have features.

We kept the client in the loop throughout the project and successfully achieved a final product that addresses the needs of the client. As part of this project we executed the following tasks -

  • ⦁ Designing UI from scratch
  • ⦁ Creation of Wireframes/Prototype
  • ⦁ Integration of UX and UI
  • ⦁ Designing more than 50 screens
  • ⦁ Customers/Renters Screen Designing
  • ⦁ Designing the Brand Logo
  • ⦁ Creation of App’s Typography
  • ⦁ Frontend Development
  • ⦁ Mobile Responsive Design

Typography & Colours

typography & colours

Playfair Display


"When it comes to building a memorable brand, consistency is everything. We build upon the work you’ve done by choosing colors, fonts, and a graphic style for your brand."



Mine Shaft











We were able to achieve all of the ‘Must Have’ design features as per client instruction and also added majority of the ‘Should Have’ and ‘Nice to Have’ features. The new UI increased the subscription and membership for the app immediately. The client’s revenues also increased significantly after the launch of the application.

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