About The District Barbers & Challenges

A premier salon, The District Barbers is a curator of barbering, beauty, design, and style in the luxury lifestyle men’s grooming market. They offer traditional and designer haircuts, straight razor shaves, oxygenated skin facials, color services, manicures, pedicures, and a variety of other exclusive grooming services. They have been catering to celebrities, politicians and corporate high-flyers successfully for more than three decades.

When a brand with 30 years of unmatched reputation decides to go online, the project itself is a huge challenge. We had to create their web presence from scratch and design a website that matches the premium profile of the brand. The client requested for a minimalistic design that reflected their vision and services to their elite customer. They wanted a completely fresh design that offers great user experience both on desktop as well as mobile.



What We Did?

The District Barbers project involved designing the landing pages from scratch.

We worked on creating the most engaging UX and UI for the website along with branding element that allows this brand with high rate of customer satisfaction create a strong image in the digital space. As a part of this project we carried out the following tasks -

  • ⦁ Immersive Luxury Website Design
  • ⦁ WordPress Integration
  • ⦁ Created 20+ custom landing pages
  • ⦁ Rewarding Branding campaign
  • ⦁ Attractive UX /UI development of site
  • ⦁ Mobile responsive design
  • ⦁ Integrating Appointment booking module

Typography & Colours

typography & colours

Made Saonara

Proxima Nova

"When it comes to building a memorable brand, consistency is everything. We build upon the work you’ve done by choosing colors, fonts, and a graphic style for your brand."





Quill Gray






After the project was successfully implemented the client immediately experienced major shift from traditional telephone based appointment booking to web based bookings.

They also experienced surge in inquire messages that has helped them increase their business significantly. The ecommerce module is under development and this is expected to increase the sale of their in-house and premium grooming products.

web screens

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